Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

KingCast is Live on Roku TV with "Corruption Meets Camera."

Live on Roku TV on 7 August 2018.
See the original post from May 2018.
Many more episodes to come starting in late August.

1.  The trailer for my upcoming TV show. 
3.  Boston on Fire Racism and Death (final and rough).

Stay tuned. On the Facebook piece try Jillian York/EFF fantastic piece about how "Getting Banned From Facebook Can Have Devastating Consequences."

I believe that this problem stems from a lack of diversity at Facebook. Seventy-three percent of Facebook’s US leadership is white. Globally, 77% of the company’s leadership are men. Women make up just 32% of the company’s global staff, and only 2% of the US staff is black, a number far disproportionate to the actual black American population. 

Definitely stay tuned. I've been waiting half of my life to get a voice outside of this goddamn Internet Mafia, corporate-controlled major press milieu.


KingCast and Mortgage Movies Warn: Do Not Vote for Joshua Schaer for Judge. He is a Dirty Foreclosure Attorney who Hates the First Amendment.

Joshua Schaer may have a wonderful family but he's done horrible things to homeowners and he has helped to undermine the integrity of judicial proceedings for years here in Greater Seattle. 

I can tell you straight up any lawyer who tries to keep my cameras out of Court (above) is a lawyer not to be trusted. In the bottom video we see him get slammed in a Little RICO hearing involving a frail, elderly handicapped woman who eventually lost her foreclosure case under very shady circumstances.

Joshua Schaer is a lawyer not to be trusted. If you are doing an honorable thing, then why on Earth would you want to hide it?  Take for example this October 2015 Mortgage Movies Journal Entry noting where the former RCO attorney tried -- and failed -- to keep my cameras out of court while he served as Trustee and Creditor.

Many of you will know Joshua Schaer’s role in the foreclosure and eviction of many Washington State homeowners, and defending the behavior of the foreclosure industry. https://voteforschaer.com/about

“Eastside Values” “Devoted Public Servant” "Highly Qualified Jurist?????"

He is cleaning up the foreclosure industry image with this spin statement, right.    
He's helped thousands of clients as a public defender. As a civil practitioner, he met with homeowners in-person around the state to discuss their options with lenders and provide information when the Foreclosure Fairness Act was first passed. As a pro tem, he's ruled on criminal motions, adjudicated probation reviews, and decided cases ranging from small claims to anti-harassment orders to traffic infractions.
Endorsements from former Attorney General, Rob McKenna, and several familiar foreclosure industry attorney buddies. Ick. Makes me throw up in my mouth a little just reading his hyperbolic load of crap. I warned you about Cyrus Habib on prior occasion. He's a liar too. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

KingCast, Brian Green and Liberty's Champion see Thurston County Judge Slam Pierce County Judge Stanley Rumbaugh on First Amendment & Cameras in Court.

OK so everybody remember how Judge Rumbaugh and the ethically-challenged Pierce County Prosecutor's Office got away with kicking Wally Brown and me out of Court with our video cameras?   Yeah check out the countenances of hate on his haughty mug and his Court Reporter/clerk. Nice, huh.

And remember how Pierce County Judge of the Year 2010 specifically allowed video in his Courtroom even though it wasn't even news video, but rather video geared towards a documentary movie? 

Well now, just today a Thurston County Judge's actions in accepting my faxed Notice of Media Coverage pursuant to GR 16 shows that I was completely correct.  And that is why the number of times I've been denied access I can count on one hand vs. hundreds of successful shoots.

Watch the video from last year below to catch a clue about how nasty Stan Rumbaugh is. The video from today is forthcoming. Hats off to Brian (seated to my right) and his crew and to Attorney Joe Thomas (behind me to my left) for their hard work on this one. And to Stan:  If you screw me again you can deal with Joe because I'll have him on retainer. I am not going to put up with any more of your bullshit dude.