Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Seattle Tourism Board Presents: Homeless in Seattle!

The Seattle Tourism Board might as well keep it real. 
I'm here to help because there's nothing worse than false advertising.

Friday, September 20, 2019

KingCast v. Rumbaugh 2019 Update: What a Difference Three Years and 110,000 Views Can Make.

Three (3) years ago. Stay tuned for current video coming before October.


1. I am a Negro, Male Black (sometimes referred to as “nigger” in Washington State) Professional Journalist in training and experience at all times relevant to this matter.

2. This Notice of Media Coverage will be received by the Court and all Parties via email on 17 September, 2019, and to the Courts in hard copy via U.S. Mail, overnight, on 18 September, 2019 thus providing everyone with ample notice of coverage.

3. Such notice is well above and beyond what the traditional major press offers so there should be no problem here whatsoever or I will sue Judge Rumbaugh again and this time I will include the Pierce County Courthouse Administrator for negligence/failure to train and supervise.

4. I am here as a professional journalist pursuant to First Amendment news gathering and dissemination under the United States Constitution, Washington GR 16, Washington Access to Courts, and any and all principles consonant with Fair Play and the following Decisional Case Law.... 

....I'll post a pdf of my full Notice of Media Coverage later today but suffice it to say that he still managed to trash talk me but at least I had schooled him enough to make him decline to get sued again, so that's what I call progress even though as you'll seen in the video later today or tomorrow he said that this is not legitimate journalism because it was for private commercial gain. But that wouldn't even matter according to he peer and Judge of the Year Cuthbertson:  He granted access to a movie crew so there. KingCast 1, Haters 0.

-Negrodamus says stayed tuned for CourtCam it will be either an app or an Apple book on how to get your cameras into Court.

Watch the original video here. .......the issue in the case was whether or not a Washington Power of Attorney grants someone (the Grandmother) the right to sue on a Wrongful Foreclosure case. I am waiting for the Putative Plaintiff to provide me her case law. If not then they will execute a Quitclaim Deed right. Right. I know you can do it if someone is infirm - I did it in Federal Court relative to my mother. I know you can be an ADA Advocate as well under certain circumstances and in my opinionRumbaugh incorrectly refused that as noted in this case. Watch the lawyer for Zurich Insurance get all pissy with me LOL.  

Which reminds me I have some intel on her conduct involving her neighborhood activities I need to follow up on.  

Monday, August 26, 2019

Will Larry Klayman and Freedom Watch Issue an Amicus Filing in KingCast v. Rattan et al Given his Role as Counsel in Loomer v. Rashida Harbi Tlaib?

The fact pattern in Loomer is almost identical to mine when I was trying to run video to document the abuse being sustained by Wendy Alison Nora in the witch hunt against her Law license in Wisconsin: Jerk lawyer grabs independent journalist camera without any lawful reason. Boom. In my case it was one Mark Rattan, Esq. Raw video of the entire incident involving me is below and I have written Attorney Klayman this morning on this. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nJ7XjK37C4 (raw video part one -- setting the rules) 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4_E3X_E9yo ( raw video part two -- the attack)
And while we are at it let's not forget his jerk lawyer Terry Johnson, who actually sat on the Office of Lawyer Responsibility Review panel.  Naturally Rattan got a slap on the wrist from them in the form of a "diversion program" so there's nothing on his permanent record. They diverted down to the golf course for a couple rounds of scotch to laugh about how they got over on a nigger journalist, is what they diverted to, you betcha.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

KingCast Says NAACP ACLU ADL and Urban League Must Help Black Boeing Mechanic Victimized by Racism and Defamation.

Judge Laurel Gibson should be calling for an investigation into the conduct of her peer, Judge Michael Scott for reasons that I am about to explain.

See that nervous smiled from Attorney Christina Becia. She’s with the law firm of Bradley Wolf and they are  representing Grecia Luke, a white woman who lied under Oath about never being a Real Estate Broker and has been involved in many lawsuits as a Defendant, including a couple of foreclosures.

Luke was in a rent to own deal at her Wedgewood Condominium Unit 242 with Sir Fredrick McAfee, a black former Boeing aerospace mechanic who had already purchased unit 303 himself in cash some years earlier.

Unbeknownst to Sir Fredrick the management company had an ulterior motive to get rid of him and they began spreading false rumors that he was involved in prostitution at his unit. This is stereotypical racial profiling folks and it’s as ugly as you can get. You can infer the ulterior motives by this email that Contractor Joe Hellstern got from the management and shared with Sir Fredrick and me, and Mr. Hellstern will testify to more about how dirty and under-handed these people are under Oath.

So basically Luke backed out of the deal at Unit 242 so Fredrick took the Lessor over to his unit and along with it came the Trust money that Luke was no longer entitled to.

There were checks issued by Sir Fredrick to Grecia Luke that she cashed in early 2017 yet these monies did not make it to her mortgagee bank. Sir Fredrick had no control over that but something shady was definitely going on.

Then somehow Luke files a Fraud case against him and his lawyer fails to file a Counterclaim after promising him he would do so. Sir Fredrick tries the case himself against these two lawyers and when he loses on one count they sock him for attorney fees and even take his own property Unit 303 from him.

When he requests Immediate Rule 59 Review to set aside the Bench Verdict   Attorney Wolf draws up a proposed Order that the Court rubber-stamps, falsely claiming that Sir Fredrick did not timely file his Motion until after 4:30. But you can see right there that he DID timely file his motion at 3:52 so that is all just crazy-making and that is an Ethics violation to boot.

And to top it off, Judge Gibson and her daughter were great friends with Sir Fredrick until all of this happened. She even lived with Sir Fredrick for a time when her home needed repairs but all of that changed once these people assassinated his character and ruined him financially. This is a man who already suffered through years of racial discrimination and underpaid disability checks at Boeing mind you.


Now he has filed a Defamation and Tortious Interference lawsuit against these people and the NAACP, The Urban League, the ACLU and ADL must help him.

Because Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

NAACP, ADL, ACLU and URBAN ... by on Scribd

Friday, June 14, 2019

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say "Oh Come Now Mike Roseberg.... or Better Yet, Don't."

Hahahaaa... I had always said Seattle Times Mike Roseberg was an ass for failing to cover anything about MERS or my lawsuit as to why the City never sued MERS as did so many Counties in Oregon. Well there you go, folks, Talking Points Memo reports that he has now basically been sacked for sexual harassment, just goes to show: 
"The Times suspended Rosenberg over a month ago after freelance journalist Talia Jane posted screenshots of several Twitter messages he’d sent her, including one that said “there is so much cum on your face.” 
Son let me tell you sumpthin' you need to be very very careful before you even think about saying anything like that to someone you are not already intimate with. Just call it a KingCast helpful pointer. So you got kinda sacked. Not like, ball-sacked as you are probably thinking with respect to unwitting recipient of your advances, but sacked as in you basically got fired-sacked.
Must every inquiry into sexual misconduct be a probe I wonder.

Unfortunately the Times will still likely continue to ignore the issue but at least now I have an entry to them: "Say you guys you might want to consider what I have to say.... I would hate to impugn Reporter Roseberg's integrity, but...... he does look kinda creepy..."  

Related: Whack-a-Mole, Seattle's festering homeless problem. 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Whack-a-Mole: Homeless in Seattle 2019.

Note: No innocent moles were injured in the production of this video. However, I sure to wish I could give Seattle City Council a few love taps on the head with a rubber mallet. It might bump start them off of TDC and make them do things that actually make sense, like being transparent or suing MERS like all the dozen Counties have done in Oregon and in many States to the East.

By the way guys, you can try to restrict speech and public comment at your meetings all you like. It's doesn't make you any less wrong.

Gone today. Back somewhere else tomorrow.

Monday, May 13, 2019

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Ten Points of Light for Seattle City Council on the Homeless.

Note: I tweeted this @Seattle PD and @KUOW. The major and so-called alternative press will continue to ignore me even though I said "You Suck" just as did so many LE. 
Read the story.

1. I remember the day I trusted the press in this town and you on crime and homelessness and helping Seattle homeowners. 

2. Nick Licata and Kshama Sawant acknowledged the bank's criminal activity against homeowners and I made videos for her first campaign, for free. 

3. I made a video with Mike O'Brien and the man who got his ear bitten off. I thought it was an anomaly. It was not. 

4. Some of you and other candidates attended a forum I co-hosted with Michelle Darnell and SAFE about helping homeowners on mortgages because I was a closing attorney; I ran a title company and Michelle is one helluva paralegal. We worked on homeowner mediations together. I thought you cared. 

5. Then there was this Ed Murray. 

Tim Burgess: The slimiest politician I have ever known.

6. Well since then you ignored your own paid consultant about suing Mortgage Electronic Registration Services and Tim Burgess the slimiest politician I've ever met -- summarily shut her down even though Counties in oregon have successfully sued MERS. And I leaked the Audit when you were slow to produce it. And I successfully sued you to get the documents as to why you didn't sue MERS and all I get is a bunch of redactions. 

7. And the homeless problem continues unabated with homeless folks being shuffled around town right back to the same spots while many of them are either being abused and used for money or committing crimes themselves. 

8. And you have no clue or plan about what to do whatsoever. Everywhere we go we are under siege in this town and you are completely feckless. 

9. There is a homeless bloke named Lucky, he's behind the Lowes at 130th near Aurora. He is being hassled by City contractors. Call off the dogs folks. He's about the only Good Thing in that area, keeping things clean and running out the riffraff. 

10. You folks in TV land just google Mortgage Movies Journal or I am KingCast on Facebook URL or Christopher King watch everything I just told you because Major press and what passes for alternative press in this town certainly won't take you where I will. I know this because I used to work for major press.

Respectfully submitted and just doing the work my Momma loved me to do, _______________________________
Christopher King, J.D.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Will Keker Van Nest Lawyers Defend Facebook Racist and Defamatory Messages Sent to Plaintiff King's Girlfriends?

As to the Proposed ORDER: IDK... Just my $.02 but it makes sense, right?
Regardless of how much the Internet mafia hates my black ass, they know I'm CORRECT.
And you had better believe there is an Internet mafia.
That's OK. I've got other resources they don't even know about. But they will.

I told the Deputy Legal Director of the #ACLU, who has recently tweeted supporting the Facebook law firm. No way can she support their position if they refuse to provide the information. That's foul. Slander per se this is. Conduct involving moral turpitude.
You better believe I know my First Amendment-relate Law folks. 
Like the back of my hand. They are DONE. I can't wait to get before Judge Orrick.
I am chomping at the bit. They.... are not. I guarantee you this.
Then FB banning all of my blog pages as being in violation of community standards?
Momma, this one's for you honey. I got this.

Yep. I sure do
See Zerlie Charles v. Vickie D. Vest, Indiana Ct. App. No. 72A01-1706-SC-01252 (October 24, 2017) and Dial v. Hammond 15-CV-05383 N. Carolina Buncombe Superior (2015). Case settled for $500,000.00.  
65. In spite of all of this, Defendant allowed Defamatory remarks to be published to Plaintiff’s last girlfriend “MH” in 2018 without recourse from Facebook User “Troy.” When Plaintiff asked Defendant for the identity of the poster Facebook directed the attention away to Plaintiff’s girlfriend. 

66. In 2019 Defendant and Counsel in this case again allowed such Defamatory remarks to be leveled against Plaintiff towards his current girlfriend “SW” by two Facebook accounts “Facebook User” and “Lisa Marie” 

67. The comments in 2018 and in 2019 all indicate, with certainty devoid of any speculation, that Plaintiff “cheats on all of his women” and "Every single woman that he as dated he has used and mentally abused."…. and goes on to state that Plaintiff seeks out white women as gullible, to use for money etc. etc. ad nauseam, basically every negative racist stereotype of black men in this Fine Country. (See Appendix ______). 

68. Plaintiff and “SW” attempted to exhaust all administrative appeals within the Platform structure and Facebook continued to ignore Plaintiff’s Defamation issue and offered a link for “SW” to use that was, and is, nonfunctional. 

69. As such, Plaintiff responded: You are playing stupid. Again: I have a VALID CLAIM FOR DEFAMATION ON MY OWN. So you need to give me that goddamn information right now.....

Dear Attorney Spencer: I have notified Facebook Counsel that I will be filing a First Amended Complaint today and a Motion for Limited Injunctive Relief this week for Defamation and Invasion of Privacy.
“I’m glad the Court of Appeals recognized that” and chose to reclassify its memorandum decision as a published opinion, Spencer said in a phone interview. While Spencer said he doesn’t use Facebook, he said he believes “defamations occur on Facebook all the time.” 
He said he hopes the COA’s ruling and the subsequent award of damages in Charles’ favor sends a message that “you can’t just say anything you want on Facebook and get personal and make statements about other people that aren’t true without running the possibility of getting sued. “A lay person probably feels they have a First Amendment right to say whatever they want to, but that’s definitely not the case if you’re harming people with what you’re saying,” Spencer said. 
Even though the case was tried before a small claims court where pleading standards are less stringent, Dattilo said he believes he had a winning case in any forum. He said the circumstances of this case made small claims the proper venue. “I still think the facts of this case could have held up anywhere,” he said. “When you get a reversal and a remand for … a damages hearing, you’ve got something on all fours. … You really appreciate having a fact pattern like this that becomes precedent and will probably help the middle class substantially.” 
Coincidentally perhaps, prior to the dawn of the Internet, Plaintiff wrote for the Indianapolis Star immediately prior to admission to, and graduation from, a then top-50 law school, i.e. Case Western Reserve University, where he earned an "A" in Constitutional Law when he studied, under, and clerked for, one Professor Edward Mearns.


I reported the first set of racist and defamatory messages to my last girlfriend last summer by a Facebook user identified as Troy Frasier. Facebook refused to identify the perp In spite of the fact that Defamation on Facebook is indeed actionable per Dial v. Hammond 15-CV-05383 N. Carolina Buncombe Superior (2015). Case settled for $500,000.00.
Next, direct accusations that I use and abuse and take advantage of gullible white women and that I am allegedly always asking for money were repeated again this year by two user profiles (using the same exact language) were leveled at my current girlfriend. Both of these women are white. The writer(s) claim alternately that they were "burned" by Plaintiff and that they warned 3 other girlfriend who were thankful for the warning. I again approached Facebook and got a canned response: 

Hi Christopher, We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. You can help your friend or family member by instructing them to report content to us by using the “Report” links located near the content itself. If your friend is blocked from seeing the content, or is not on Facebook, please provide them with a link (URL) to the violating content so that they can include it when they contact us. Please share the following link with you friend to contact us:https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/597132477126770/?ref=cr 

Once we get this information from them, we can review the content and take the appropriate action. View updates from your Support Inbox: https://fb.me/1GKxTo0pkVUrUZO 

Thanks for understanding, 
In response I said: You are playing stupid. Again: I have a VALID CLAIM FOR DEFAMATION ON MY OWN. So you need to give me that goddamn information right now. 

Further: As I told you, the offending Party -- who will be sued -- removed the content so it is no longer available. And the link that you just sent me is not available, see attached. 

So really there is no channel for either my past or current girlfriend to complain anyway. Please advise. And I have sent this content directly to your lawyers too.

18 April 2019 Re: Ongoing Issues of Defamation on the Facebook “Platform” Vis a vis Christopher King A/K/A KingCast v. Facebook, Inc. 19-CV-1987 

Dear Attorneys Hicks and Thole: 

For reasons noted in today’s communication with the Facebook “Help Desk” I will be adding this information to the pending Federal Complaint against your client, who previously IGNORED my concerns about the exact same sort of Defamation last year. 

This year I can promise you that any and all of the last three (3) girlfriends in my life who were allegedly warned about me by this poster will come forward to state that they were alarmed by this Defamatory Rhetoric and that it did initially have the intended impact: 

It made them leery of me and more accurately feeling vulnerable for prior breaches of trust by OTHER MEN for periods of time ranging from weeks to days to hours. The Rhetoric employed continually references my purportedly predatory acts toward white women, so that is completely racist as well as Defamatory. 

If you do not deliver to me by Close of Business tomorrow 19 April, 2019 a promise to divulge the identifying information on the perpetrators by month’s end I will be folding this matter into the Case at Bar and moving for immediate Injunctive Relief. No one should have to live under this type of racist, defamatory abuse and I will not… nor will any of my past girlfriends or present girlfriend. It’s complete shit. 

In fact, she will send a complaint to Facebook within the next 24 hours and will reply on this email chain immediately to confirm her complete agreement that she is harassed and finds the communication to be Defamatory towards me. And you will note that I am not holding your client responsible for the Defamation as that would of course be outside the purview of 47 USC §230, unlike my pending Claims in the case. 

Now that I have made myself clear, I look forward to hearing from you in the next 24 hours. 

Very Truly Yours,

Christopher King, J.D.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A KingCast First Amendment Public Speakers' Warning to Seattle City Council and Debora Juarez.

Back Story.

I am here to tell all of you, and particularly Councilor Juarez that you work for us. And you are in no ways to treat speakers differently based on Content or to interfere with their public comment unless there is a time, place or manner violation. I have seen Council do this to me and to many others and last week in a most despicable manner you did it to a tax-paying public citizen. 

We will revisit this soon but for now watch your step unless you want me to sue you on my behalf or for local licensed Counsel like Lincoln Beauregard to sue you on behalf of someone else. Submitted with all of the respect that is due, I am: 
Christopher King, J.D.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Attorney KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Von Briesen Attorney Terry L. Johnson Try to Hide his Client's Hateful Attack on Courtroom Journalist.

Here's the long movie. The Second Amended Complaint is here.

Some blue-blood lawyer thinks he walks on fucking air and that he and his client, Mark Rattan, can do and say whatever they want to. Recall that Mark Rattan is the jerk lawyer who grabbed my camera in direct violation of a standing Court Order. Well the Office of Lawyer Responsibility let him off with only a Diversion program and they gave the subject of my video coverage 2 years' suspension because she has the nerve to fight unscrupulous banks who illegally foreclose. 

Attorney Wendy Alison Nora and I have sued the State of Wisconsin and the related attorneys under RICO and Acting Under Color of Law to deprive us of First Amendment Rights. In this particular instance Attorney Johnson is trying to keep me from asking the Court to take Judicial Notice of the findings of the OLR as to how his client "Approached King in an angry and threatening manner."

However from my filing today:

III. Judicial Notice May be Taken at any Time

Should the Court deny the other aspects of Plaintiff King’s Memorandum then Plaintiff King Respectfully requests that the Court consider solely the OLR document in and of itself. In point of fact, Wisconsin Law provides that Judicial Notice may be taken at any time and is in fact MANADATORY in this instance: 

902.01 (4) WHEN MANDATORY. A judge or court shall take judicial notice if requested by a party and supplied with the necessary information. 


Sunday, January 27, 2019

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Observe Seattle Foreclosure Attorney Jill Smith Join Richard Jones in the Client Hall of Shame.

19 October 2019 Update:
Shelley Erickson received an in-depth letter from the Bar 
noting the laws she has broken and noting that they subpoenaed her too.
They are going to disbar her ass.
Wait for it. I'll post tomorrow.

It's tomorrow:
Just peachy. 

Well ain't that special?
After Plaintiff Erickson and a licensed Private Investigator tried for WEEKS 
to get Defendant Smith to respond -- even checking local hospitals for her and emailing...
She finally has someone accept Service of Process to avoid Default Judgment. 
That's mighty white of her.
Wow. Jill Smith is evading Service at this point in the opinion of a veteran investigator and process server. That's pretty ballsy conduct from an Attorney who still owes her client a shit-ton of money, right?  Talk about hubris. Talk about insouciance, just, wow. God it pains me to do this but she gets no favors from me even though I feel she's getting railroaded. They are separate issues.

I'll say this up front:  I have little to no doubt that Jill Smith is being railroaded by the Washington State Bar Association as far as her pending (allegedly imminent) Bar Suspension. 

I cannot confirm the duration of any alleged suspension but I have it on Good Faith by at least one of her clients and others that she's getting her ticket pulled for a term of at least a year.

I know the pain of a bullshit bar prosecution. I now how the Bar persecutes lawyers who challenge the establishment, especially when the banksters are involved. The only time I was found to have filed a frivolous Complaint in my lifetime involved a complaint when I sued my IOLTA bank for sex discrimination because of how they screwed with my client during her pregnancy and did everything they could NOT to accommodate her.

Judge David E. Cain was a Judge whom I remember seeing about town and he was going to work with me to get me in speaking events and all sorts of things like that. But when I sued that bank he turned around and slapped my black ass with the $5K fine and said it was ridiculous because Bethany's boss was a woman so it couldn't possibly be sex discrimination.

Everyone and their mother knows that is hardly a dispositive thing but he made it into one, and he allowed the Defendant, by and through one Robert Eblin, to file a gerrymandered Deposition in which she said "I wouldn't have a case" in response to a hypothetical question by him. The whole thing was complete shit, just as the whole thing about Scott Stafne was bullshit, the whole thing against Wendy Alison Nora is bullshit (I'm a co-plaintiff in her lawsuit against the State of Wisconsin and the Supreme Court and Office of Lawyer Regulation) and the whole thing against Attorney Smith is probably bullshit too. Eblin has probably retired as I don't see him as a listed attorney in the past year or so and he was a partner at Bailey Cavalieri so he's probably set. He can keep his blood money and his bullshit victories. That's why he aged so poorly since last I saw him in '99 or so. Shit I fucking look great. That's what good clean honest living will do for you. Elbin is only 2 years older than me.

Here's the rub: Not one of my issues ever involved client dissatisfaction of failure to perform or failure to return monies. Not. One. But Jill has this issue before her with at least one client, Shelley Erickson. Ms. Erickson and I go back a long way since I moved here and we along with Karen Pooley and many others were responsible for trying to make Seattle City Council sue MERS as many other government entities have done throughout the Country, including right next door in Multnomah County (Portland) and 11 other Oregon Counties. 

Anyway Attorney Smith acknowledged the debt but still has not sent any money, not even partial payment, so WTF???  Further, Ms. Erickson and I have tried to get any kind of itemized statement we could from Attorney Smith and we have failed resolutely. Smith says it was a flat rate case. I basically said to her that's bullshit. Provide proof of the hours you put in because it doesn't matter under Contract you still have to show what you did to deserve hanging on to the money and I don't believe she did much of anything, so that's sad. 

Compound that sadness with the fact that Attorney Smith does I believe have a life-impacting brain condition. I am more than sensitive to that as noted by my Reflection on my mother last month. 

But she still owes her client the money dammit. Notwithstanding that, I commented to this hateful blogger who is on a rant against Neil Garfield and Jill Smith: I basically said dude you're flat fucking WRONG because 3 year SOL does not compute in WA State anymore because Hoang holds that it's 6 years, not three. Let's see if he actually publishes my admonishment. 

1 Feb 2019 Upate: He did, and I'm wrong actually. We had a good vibe chat: 

Interesting. At first blush, I’d say the 9th Circuit flouted the express language of 15 USC 1640(e) which provides 1 year limit on offensive actions for violation of 15 USC 1635(f). However, reading the Huang v BOA opinion I see that Hoang demanded relief for contract violation under the Washington State Consumer Protection Act, and Washington State provides a 6 year limit for contract breach actions. So the opinion makes sense. Had Hoang sued under 15 USC 1640(e), the 9th Circuit would have upheld the dismissal.

Stay tuned. More communication will be posted. The story of how Richard L. Jones screwed Karen Pooley in my opinion is here. I thought he was cool but really I see him now as a smarmy Lincoln Town Car driving bastard.

Also, Melissa Huelsman is a complete asshat too. Just.... the worst. I have no idea how her AVVO rating is so high when I know so many rational people who have been through the wringer with her.