Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Monday, April 27, 2020

KingCast Presents: More Courts Protecting Dirty Bankster Lawyers -- The Mark Rattan File.

As I figured after waiting a year for any Decision, the Court found every way it could to diminish the heinous conduct of Attorney Mark Rattan and Referee Winiarski. You may recall the basic facts as the Court cited to them in today's ruling, which coincidentally came on the same day that a Washington Court denied my Facebook Appeal, fancy that:
The complaint explains that plaintiff “King, a journalist and videographer,” attended the disciplinary hearing “for the purpose of making a visual record.” (Id. ¶ 114.) Nevertheless, at the hearing, attorney Mark Rattan allegedly “physically assaulted” King to prevent him from recording the proceedings. (Id. ¶ 116.) According to King, James Winiarski -- the referee over the hearing -- did “not even admonish Rattan” for the assault, but “instead expressed his own discomfort with the presence of King, in the capacity of what he himself characterized as ‘the press.’” (Id. ¶ 118.) Worse, the next day, after “express[ing] his intention to lodge a complaint for violation of his rights,” King was further removed by Referee Winiarski from even being present at the ongoing proceedings. (Id. ¶ 119.) King also complains that Keith Sellen, the Director of OLR, abused his discretion in responding to King’s grievance against attorney Rattan by only requiring that Rattan complete a diversion program, the outcome of which “was likely to be no more severe than a private reprimand.” (Id. ¶¶ 158-60.)
You can just feel the contempt for my position seething throughout the Opinion, right. Right. They don't want anybody -- much less a nigger such as myself up in there documenting their Dirty Deeds, literally. Whatever. We're off to Hollywood whenever it opens up again, and all of the POS crackers can piss up a rope. At least I have their ugly actions thoroughly documented for current and later reference, and they can't do a thing about that :)

Raw video days one and two. You can see who was professional, and who was a complete and utter asshole.

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