Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Sunday, May 3, 2020

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Explain a Problem with Dominic Holden and Other Alternative Press Journalists.

Note: Former #SeattleStranger writer Dominic Holden showed up on my page out of nowhere to try to trash talk me twice in the last week. But when I tried to draw him into a larger conversation about what I coined "conspiracy by happenstance” he had nothing to say. 

Well guess what? I have much to say about this exchange and this weekend I will have a short video about it. Here is your backdrop about issues that I am professionally well-qualified to discuss. I ran a damn Title Company and have saved a couple dozen homes in the past decade and negotiated dozens of mortgage arrangements, fact. I will not tolerate any bullshit from this so-called Alternative Press when I was working for Alt-Press and Major Press before this guy could fucking pee straight. He was born in like '79 and I was working for Alt-Press in '87.

Next time don't bring a knife to a gunfight hombre.


Here's w'happened:

I stated that it was odd that the news coverage about a Christian Doctor who committed suicide did not reference the presence or absence of a suicide note. I wrote obits for a major daily and you know, I'm a journalist and a guy with a brain so I'm entitled to say that, right?
It must be a conspiracy.
Don't know about that Dominic Holden but what I *D0* know is that there is no discussion about our immune systems and staying healthy as noted in the Atlantic, instead all we get is talk about money and drugs and corporate loopholes that allow the fucking Lakers for example to pocket millions. Can we agree on that, huh?
Furthermore, as noted years ago when I selected your co-writer Ansel Herz to co-host a mortgage event we focused on how the government programs were set up to benefit the banks and not the homeowners.
I am in production right NOW with a video with Attorney Scott Stafne to discuss our help options for homeowners who are again shafted by big banks who can demand full forbearance back IMMEDIATELY instead of blending it into the life of the mortgage or putting it on the back end. So whether or not that is an outright conspiracy -- I tend to call it conspiracy by happenstance -- people are getting FUCKED. So can we agree on that?
PS: Not to mention the Stranger -- while he was still there I believe -- wrote a story that accused Michelle Darnell of being in favor of more taxes on the middle class because they were in favor of Cyrus Habib in that particular election.
I have had just about enough of this complete lack of journalistic integrity. If you want a public debate on the issues I welcome it bro, otherwise don't you ever step to my page and try to fuck with me again. These are important issues!

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