Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Sunday, January 27, 2019

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Observe Seattle Foreclosure Attorney Jill Smith Join Richard Jones in the Client Hall of Shame.

19 October 2019 Update:
Shelley Erickson received an in-depth letter from the Bar 
noting the laws she has broken and noting that they subpoenaed her too.
They are going to disbar her ass.
Wait for it. I'll post tomorrow.

It's tomorrow:
Just peachy. 

Well ain't that special?
After Plaintiff Erickson and a licensed Private Investigator tried for WEEKS 
to get Defendant Smith to respond -- even checking local hospitals for her and emailing...
She finally has someone accept Service of Process to avoid Default Judgment. 
That's mighty white of her.
Wow. Jill Smith is evading Service at this point in the opinion of a veteran investigator and process server. That's pretty ballsy conduct from an Attorney who still owes her client a shit-ton of money, right?  Talk about hubris. Talk about insouciance, just, wow. God it pains me to do this but she gets no favors from me even though I feel she's getting railroaded. They are separate issues.

I'll say this up front:  I have little to no doubt that Jill Smith is being railroaded by the Washington State Bar Association as far as her pending (allegedly imminent) Bar Suspension. 

I cannot confirm the duration of any alleged suspension but I have it on Good Faith by at least one of her clients and others that she's getting her ticket pulled for a term of at least a year.

I know the pain of a bullshit bar prosecution. I now how the Bar persecutes lawyers who challenge the establishment, especially when the banksters are involved. The only time I was found to have filed a frivolous Complaint in my lifetime involved a complaint when I sued my IOLTA bank for sex discrimination because of how they screwed with my client during her pregnancy and did everything they could NOT to accommodate her.

Judge David E. Cain was a Judge whom I remember seeing about town and he was going to work with me to get me in speaking events and all sorts of things like that. But when I sued that bank he turned around and slapped my black ass with the $5K fine and said it was ridiculous because Bethany's boss was a woman so it couldn't possibly be sex discrimination.

Everyone and their mother knows that is hardly a dispositive thing but he made it into one, and he allowed the Defendant, by and through one Robert Eblin, to file a gerrymandered Deposition in which she said "I wouldn't have a case" in response to a hypothetical question by him. The whole thing was complete shit, just as the whole thing about Scott Stafne was bullshit, the whole thing against Wendy Alison Nora is bullshit (I'm a co-plaintiff in her lawsuit against the State of Wisconsin and the Supreme Court and Office of Lawyer Regulation) and the whole thing against Attorney Smith is probably bullshit too. Eblin has probably retired as I don't see him as a listed attorney in the past year or so and he was a partner at Bailey Cavalieri so he's probably set. He can keep his blood money and his bullshit victories. That's why he aged so poorly since last I saw him in '99 or so. Shit I fucking look great. That's what good clean honest living will do for you. Elbin is only 2 years older than me.

Here's the rub: Not one of my issues ever involved client dissatisfaction of failure to perform or failure to return monies. Not. One. But Jill has this issue before her with at least one client, Shelley Erickson. Ms. Erickson and I go back a long way since I moved here and we along with Karen Pooley and many others were responsible for trying to make Seattle City Council sue MERS as many other government entities have done throughout the Country, including right next door in Multnomah County (Portland) and 11 other Oregon Counties. 

Anyway Attorney Smith acknowledged the debt but still has not sent any money, not even partial payment, so WTF???  Further, Ms. Erickson and I have tried to get any kind of itemized statement we could from Attorney Smith and we have failed resolutely. Smith says it was a flat rate case. I basically said to her that's bullshit. Provide proof of the hours you put in because it doesn't matter under Contract you still have to show what you did to deserve hanging on to the money and I don't believe she did much of anything, so that's sad. 

Compound that sadness with the fact that Attorney Smith does I believe have a life-impacting brain condition. I am more than sensitive to that as noted by my Reflection on my mother last month. 

But she still owes her client the money dammit. Notwithstanding that, I commented to this hateful blogger who is on a rant against Neil Garfield and Jill Smith: I basically said dude you're flat fucking WRONG because 3 year SOL does not compute in WA State anymore because Hoang holds that it's 6 years, not three. Let's see if he actually publishes my admonishment. 

1 Feb 2019 Upate: He did, and I'm wrong actually. We had a good vibe chat: 

Interesting. At first blush, I’d say the 9th Circuit flouted the express language of 15 USC 1640(e) which provides 1 year limit on offensive actions for violation of 15 USC 1635(f). However, reading the Huang v BOA opinion I see that Hoang demanded relief for contract violation under the Washington State Consumer Protection Act, and Washington State provides a 6 year limit for contract breach actions. So the opinion makes sense. Had Hoang sued under 15 USC 1640(e), the 9th Circuit would have upheld the dismissal.

Stay tuned. More communication will be posted. The story of how Richard L. Jones screwed Karen Pooley in my opinion is here. I thought he was cool but really I see him now as a smarmy Lincoln Town Car driving bastard.

Also, Melissa Huelsman is a complete asshat too. Just.... the worst. I have no idea how her AVVO rating is so high when I know so many rational people who have been through the wringer with her.